With its proven track record in designing and manufacturing high quality, technologically-advanced textile products, in-house research and development facilities, avant-garde technology including laser cutting and ultrasonic sewing, Pespow is acting in the face of the Covid 19 pandemic by creating the capacity to design and produce “medical protective clothing” and, more generally, protective clothing for workers requiring individual protection in all kinds of emergencies.

Specifically, in March 2020, Pespow S.P.A designed the following products:
  • TNT, water-repellent gowns with long-sleeves featuring stitching with two levels of resistance;
  • TNT, water-repellent bouffant cap;
  • TNT, water-repellent protective overshoes;
  • TNT, water-repellent hood;
  • waterproof gown in “protective” fabric with long-sleeves featuring heat-sealed, taped seams certified for healthcare use;
  • “protective” hood in waterproof fabric certified for healthcare use;
  • “protective” waterproof fabric overshoes certified for healthcare use;
  • coverall suit in “protective” waterproof fabric, with heat-sealed, taped seams, certified for healthcare use.
For each of these products, technical specifications sheets outlining the characteristics and a size guide are available. If you desire more information, please send an email to medical&

In setting up our new “Medical/Protective” department, Pespow’s aims to draw from its extensive knowhow in the complex field of top-of-the-range clothing and to produce protective clothing with added value in terms of quality, fit and practicality and more innovative features, regarding special materials, than products currently available on the market.