For over 30 years we have carried out our research and experimentation with determination and confidence. We have embarked on the road of sportswear in an era of great cultural unrest, inheriting the post-modern thought from the 80s of putting together distant worlds and ways. Today, like always, curiosity drives us towards uncharted territory while uniting heritage with dynamic research activity.


History fuels invention

We look for inspiration from the past in order to create cutting-edge models which we readapt in style and fit for a contemporary taste. The historical analysis is conducted through an archive of images and leaders that have given rise to sportswear or have determined in a significant way their evolution. Often, the Pespow archive serves as the basis for designing new models or for researching technical and stylistic solutions


Creative garment engineering

In design, we integrate the most innovative materials and technologies, working in the spirit of blending between different sectors and products. The technical research contributes to the development of creative and unusual applications of materials and technologies that enable the creation of original high-end and high-performance products.
At Pespow, we are far from the branch of fashion that is limited to affixing a signature style with quick consumption. Here we remain faithful to functionalism, respecting the original design of sportswear items: born for a determined use with a specific function and made ​​with ad hoc techniques.


Italian concept. Made in earth.

We identify ourselves with a contemporary “made-in” concept: we organize the production process in such a way so that each operation is carried out in the most appropriate place in the world in terms of quality and efficiency; and most importantly, we communicate to customers and international partners who are looking for an Italian approach and not simply a place of origin.
Compared to the now stereotypical phrase “made ​​in Italy,” the prospect of an Italian concept (experimentation, creativity and know-how) is the one that is most suited to our identity and that best expresses the taste and richness of the Italian way.