“Pelle (Italian for ‘leather’) Sportswear” was founded in 1983 by an artisanal company of leather garments. The new heirs have decided to embark on the road of textile apparel, changing the name to Pespow, and transforming the purely artisanal vocation of the family business to research activities into the innovation of materials, processes and techniques.

In the early years of operation, Pespow specialized in the design and manufacture of outerwear sportswear, making its products exclusively in Italian territory.


In the 90s, the company understood the need to offer its customers quality products at increasingly competitive costs, and transferred part of its production to several plants in Eastern Europe.


The years that saw the transition from enterprise to Limited company was a period of great investments for the tuning and development of dyeing techniques which still spearhead the company’s activity.

Over the next decade, Pespow looked out for the first time on the newly emerging markets and started a close collaboration with a small company operating in Asia. Asian productions of the highest quality at competitive costs, enhanced by an all-Italian design, are the hallmark of the models produced in those years.

Between 2008 and 2009, strong with an already mature experience, Pespow dedicated itself to two side projects: Ten C, the revolutionary project of the designers Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey and Chat C win, a project that translates the “know how” of Pespow into a stand-alone brand.

In 2010, the by then constant presence in Asia and the continued cooperation with local suppliers, pushed the business to set up a company based in Seoul, responsible for managing the production and logistics of the entire area. The fusion of the latter and Pespow itself in 2012 created a unique and solid reality.