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Published on: 20.12.2017

Our new company profile is on line now!

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Le voci del fare


Published on: 02.09.2016

From September 10 to October 9 the Museo Casa Giorgione, in Castelfranco Veneto, is going to host the exhibition Le voci del fare. The exhibition showcases the work of Spanish designer Belen Palacios developed during her residency period with us in March 2015, for Creative Residency the residency project open to emerging creative talents.

In her research, Belen Palacios aims to draw attention to the human stories behind the world of industry and explores the fine line separating these daily gestures and the working environment from private life. By means of a clear, highly participatory study, the project reveals the identity of the workers, describes their most intimate and spontaneous features, and like a secret unveiled, reveals their personal views on life. This artistic work provides an opportunity to reflect on the importance of physicality, emphasising the expressiveness of hands that denote professionalism, skill and personality. Le voci del fare pays homage to the skill guiding these hands and to their importance in the fashion industry.



Le voci del fare


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9.30 – 12.30

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9.20 – 12.30 / 14.30 – 18.30

Closed on Monday


Full price ticket — 5 €

Reduced-price ticket — 3 €

Family — 10 €


Tel. +39 0423 735626

Introducing Pespow Private Label

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Published on: 22.12.2015

The Private Label Collection is a new project developed by Pespow for key players in the retail market. All of our experience, expertise and capacity for innovation has been fed into a new collection of leisure outerwear inspired by key trends in contemporary menswear.

This project sees the development of a new service, one that brings all of Pespow’s considerable experience in prototyping, material sourcing and garment production to bear, supporting our clients’ Design and Merchandising departments through the whole process of research, concept development and design: a service designed to make our clients’ work easier and speed up the development process.

The first Private Label Collection, which was presented at Seoul late in November, is the creation of two respected Italian designers. It comprises a range of formal garments that allude to the classic Italian tradition, combined with a selection of more metropolitan, leisure-oriented pieces. Innovative, modern fabrics and finishes feature strongly throughout the collection, which combines classic tailoring with techniques from the field of technical garment design. Clients enjoy full flexibility when making their selection from the range of available designs, and every one of the items can be personalised to create a unique collection for each client.

For more information and commercial enquiries, please contact

Introducing Pespow EU

Pespow EU

Pespow EU is a new facility, which we acquired to design and process the most refined techniques on sportswear jackets. While located in Romania, Pespow EU operates under the same standards of our Italian headquarter, providing all-around manufacturing services to our clients.

We founded Pespow EU to offer a more comprehensive suite of solutions to our customers and reinforce the industrial capabilities with an integrated management of human resources and technical facilities.
Investing in a European factory might sound like a bold bet in the times we are living, but we are convinced that quality and liability are the strongest and most valuable assets.

We would be glad to discuss with you the advantages that this new venture can offer. We invite you to get in touch writing to for more information.

Meet Belen Palacios

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Published on: 06.03.2015


Belen is a Spanish designer living and working in London. She was selected among the 170+ applications we received for our Creative Residency project launched in August 2014. Belen’s proposal deals with how the character of each worker emerges through the use of his or her hands. Her project uses movement to evidence the human presence behind the fashion industry. She works on visualizing the invisible, by proving how seemingly mechanical gestures, hidden under the layers of production, can indeed be a manifestation of a unique identity.
She will stay with us in Pespow until the end of the current month and work closely with our employees. You are welcome to visit her anytime in our headquarters.
Watch her introductory video here

Pespow Creative Residency

It is 2014 and Pespow ltd. has been in business for over 30 years. In recent times we have had to radically change the way we work by adapting to often objectionable socio-economic changes. What was originally significant in our services is becoming increasingly ephemeral and difficult to control and everyday we acknowledge our constant effort to preserve the know-how that made our work stand out in time.

Out of these considerations, a project was born. It is an attempt to welcome new input into our facility and open up to new languages​​ and styles that may approach the problems we face from a diverse perspective. It is not our aim to find a solution to global complexity, but rather to reflect upon its consequences in order to respond wisely.

The limits of your language are the limits of your world. The limits of your world are the limits of your language is the title of our artist residency program for 2015. The aim of the project is to give voice to the confusion of those who deal daily with the complex context of global production. We believe that an artistic point of view and creative approach to the socio-economic problems we are facing can help those who are in control of guiding the production process. The sharing of perspectives, knowledge, skills and culture will help to develop various alternative visions.

We want to start a debate and arouse a reaction between artists, thinkers, designers and individuals in general within a creative community. What we are looking for is an idea, a project, an installation, a performance, or any other suitable proposal that coherently addresses the issues raised.

For additional informations and all the details of the initiative, please refer to

Welcome to

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Published on: 17.07.2014

During the past few months at Pespow we have dedicated a lot of time to ourselves, rebuilding brick by brick the foundations of our activity through the most basic pieces of communication: texts and images. The outcome of this job is what in jargon we call “website”.

Creating this website has not been easy: many people were involved in the process and many chapters have been written. Overall, we had to order our ideas from scratch and we are still in the process of doing so. The interface you see was created in order to be dynamic and to evolve with time, together with our interests and the work we are engaged in. What you see is nothing more than a stable sign along a journey that will be unpredictable. We can’t help but encourage you to explore this site and keep in touch for future developments as we continue to grow, while we search for the next project that will transform us again.